Cryptocurrency : Adavantages & inconvients

Crypto-currencies have shaken up the world of finance since the 2008 crisis. Their success is not surprising when you know the advantages of their use. If you doubt it, read these next lines

… Many advantages…

 Simple and fast transactions

 Today, you don’t need to be a financial expert to trade. You just have to choose an exchange platform so that, in a few clicks, you can buy and resell assets. In crypto, the Coinmate exchange is a platform that earns to be known. Active since 2014, its seniority is a guarantee of seriousness in the field of trading.

 A high volatility that allows for significant profits

To trade in crypto-currency, you have to know how to take some risks. To minimise these riks ,the price of virtual currencies can double from one day to the next and allow you to earn a lot. It is often recommended to do some crypto currency investing before getting into trading. Investing allows you to get a smoother grasp of what trading is all about.

 Markets open 24 hours a day

 While the traditional stock market closes and opens at certain times, the crypto system allows trading at any time. This is because there is no central authority governing transactions between buyers and sellers. All it takes is for another user to be active for a trade to take place.

 Accessible to small amounts of money

Not a millionaire? There is no problem. What is important is to apply a few rules. First of all, you should only invest money that you are willing to lose. You must invest this money in a currency and a project that you understand. Secondly, and to increase your chances, it is good to diversify your investments as much as possible. This is the way to minimize risks and maximize profits.

 A secure and anonymous system

With blockchain, The transaction is encrypted and unchangeable, which prevents hacking. For the moment, the blockchain system has not suffered any major leak. It therefore remains safe and reassures investors. It is this security that has moreover made the success of crypto-currencies.

Inflation Protection:

 Inflation has caused many currencies to see their price drop over time. Almost every crypto-currency, at the time of launch, is launched with a fixed amount. The supply code specifies the quantity of any coin; As, there are the most effective 21 million Bitcoins launched in the world. Thus, due to the increase demand, its price will increase so that it will keep up with the market and in the long run, you will avoid inflation.

Self-managed and governed:

The governance and renovation of any forex is a major issue for its development. Crypto transactions are recorded via developers/miners on their hardware, and they receive the transaction fees as praise for doing so. Since miners are paid for this, they maintain correct and up-to-date transaction statistics, keeping the integrity of the crypto and decentralized statistics. Confidentiality and security have generally been a primary difficulty for crypto currencies. The blockchain ledger is mainly based entirely on distinct mathematical puzzles, which can be difficult to decode. This makes a crypto-currency more stable than normal digital transactions. Crypto-currencies, for added security and privacy, use pseudonyms that are not connected to a user, an account, or saved records that could be connected to a profile.

 And disadvantages to know

The volatility of the value

 What is an advantage can be a disadvantage. Indeed, the fluctuation of the prices of virtual currencies can make you lose a lot of money. It is important to be aware of the leverage effects in order to benefit from them. It is also important not to get caught up in stress or emotions. Prices can move differently than you expect and this is the most difficult rule of the game to accept.

 The risk of hacking

Despite the security provided by the blockchain system, theft by hacking is always possible. With ever more advanced technologies, hackers intercept funds during transactions. Breach of crypto-currency wallets and trading platforms can be avoided by choosing highly secure exchange channels.

The negative effect of mining:

 Crypto mining requires a variety of computational and force input energy, making it exceptionally energy intensive. The biggest offender is Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin calls for superior computer systems and a variety of energy. It cannot be accomplished on normal computer systems. The main Bitcoin miners are in countries like China that use coal to supply power. This has significantly increased China’s carbon footprint. Although crypto-currencies are very stable, exchanges are not so stable. Most exchanges purchase customers’ pocket information to make their consumer IDs work properly. This information can be stolen with the help of hackers, giving them access to many accounts. After obtaining entry, hackers can without problems change price ranges from their accounts. If there can be a dispute between the parties, or if a person mistakenly sends a price range to an incorrect pocket address, the piece cannot be recovered using the sender. This can be used by many humans to cheat others out of their money. Since there is no refund, you will easily be created for a transaction they never received the product or offers.


This is not investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money you can afford to lose.