Following the example of Satoshi Nakamoto, developers now have the opportunity to create a crypto currency. Several methods exist to achieve this and be at the head of his ICO. Depending on his knowledge and the time to devote to this project, everyone will be able to choose his way to achieve it.

Design Your Own Blockchain

Online tutorials allow every developer to create a crypto currency. Bringing a blockchain to life is within the reach of any hardy expert. The most important challenge is most certainly to secure this blockchain sufficiently. Only a computer expert will be able to provide the optimal security for the crypto currency to really live.

Creating a Crypto Currency by Learning to Fork

Forking an existing crypto currency is to look at an open source blockchain. Crypto-currencies created by other developers are often available to be used as a basis for other work. In particular, these files will be used to create a completely new crypto currency.

The open source code can be used by a new developer to develop a new currency. This process of creating a crypto currency is called forking. When the developer is able to make significant changes to the base blockchain, it is called a hard fork. If only a few variations are observed, then it is called soft fork.

Bitcoin, for example, has been forked many times to offer new cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is nothing more than a variation of bitcoin obtained through fork work.

Creating a Token and an ICO

Thanks to the Etherum network, any developer can create a crypto currency easily. The ERC-20 tokens are used for crypto-currencies such as those created by Binance Coin or Augur.

The NEO platform also opens the way for anyone who wants to create a crypto currency. If it offers less possibilities than Ethereum, it can be used as a starting point to create a new currency. Tutorials are available online in order to easily create your blockchain and therefore your crypto currency.

The services to create a currency are very useful to develop a new monetary system

Cryptocurrency Creation Services

To attract a large number of users, platforms now offer to create its crypto currency and its blockchain. To do this, it is not necessary to be a developer. You simply have to choose the name, the design of your currency and the associated technical preferences. The chosen service will then take care of creating the currency. Automatic generators also exist to create a crypto currency in just a few minutes.

Tips for Successful Cryptocurrency Creation

Considering the number of people who start the adventure, some rules are to be remembered to be successful:

Make sure to create an innovative and useful crypto currency

Study the legal framework for issuing tokens in a particular country to comply with regulations

Prepare for the launch of your crypto currency as this is always a complex operation. A solid website and a good communication are required.


This is not investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money you can afford to lose.