the top 3 winning and losing cryptocurrencies in 2021

By 2021, the total capitalization of the crypto-currency request has gained 190% from just under 800$  million to over 2.3$ trillion moment. It reached an each- time high of just over 3 trillion$  in early November.

 The 3 cryptocurrencies that bring the most in 2021

 Dogecoin (DOGE)

 Dogecoin has soared this time, mainly due to Elon Musk’s support on social media. On the first of January 2021, DOGE was worth only $0.004 and was largely ignored by the maturity of crypto dealers. DOGE endured its first swell in February.

DOGE’s prices exploded in April and May, rising further than percent to an each- time high of $0.731 on May 8, propelling it to fourth place in the cryptocurrency rankings.In June, Musk touted DOGE as a payment network, which led to a new round of FOMO for memecoin.

 DOGE has fallen since May against both bitcoin and the bone but has still made a monumental percent gain time-to- date.

 Solana (SOL)

The blockchain native honorary Solana has also had an exceptional time in terms of earnings. At the launch of 2021, SOL was worth just $1.52, it’s now trading at just over $ 150. This is a gain of over in lower than a time.

 SOL hit an each- time high of$ 260 in early November, but retreated as the requests began to correct late in the time. The massive move moved SOL to fifth place in the request cap rankings after peaking at fourth place.

 Major investments and increased handover in the wake of Ethereum’s swell in gas prices gave Solana, which has also been touted as an”Ethereum killer,”a boost.

 Terra (LUNA)

The native memorial of the Terra network also made it into the top 10 crypto-currencies. LUNA started the time trading at around $0.65 and was largely unknown to the general public.

Prices were raised in March and May, but didn’t really take off until August, when a massive shaft took LUNA to an each- time high of $100 a numerous days agone. LUNA had risen since the morning of the time.The rapid-fire- fire expansion of Terra ecosystem mates was largely responsible for the price increase.A numerous others are also worth mentioning for making emotional earnings this time and they include Avalanche’s AVAX up on the time, Polygon’s MATIC, which has jumped over, and Binance Coin (BNB) making this time.

The 3 crypto-currencies that earn the least in 2021 

 But not all crypto means have performed equally well. There have been a number of disasters in terms of price earnings.

 Internet Computer (ICP)

 Amidst a world of hype, Dfinity’s Internet Computer design exploded onto the scene this time after 5 times of development. It promised an Internet revolution by replacing themulti-billion bone Internet and computer sedulity by allowing formulators to install their law directly on a”public Internet”, without the need for third- party hosting companies.

 Bookmakers crowded to ICP commemoratives when they were listed on major exchanges inmid-May, transferring the price soaring to a truly fast nonfictional high of $ 700 on May 10.

 Since also, the price of PCI has nearly collapsed, falling to a record low of $24.29 on December 4, a painful 96% drop from its peak seven months ahead.


 Once-trendy EOS, which multitudinous said would kill Ethereum, has actually done truly little in terms of price this time, while those around it have exploded.

EOS was formerly out of the top 10 in request capitalization on January 1 and has continued to fall in the rankings all time. EOS’ price gained only a stingy 15 over the time, while others reached triple and quadruple integers.

Blockone’s token trades at $3.25 and has fallen to 50th place in terms of request cap. It’s presently down 86 percent from its April 2018 all- time high of$22.71.

 In early November, members of the EOS ecosystem raised their dissatisfaction with the direction the network is taking.

 Monero (XMR)

The insulation- concentrated crypto-currency Monero has also fallen sharply in the request cap rankings this time, as a number of major exchanges have barred digital means offering obscurity.

 XMR’s price has only risen 17 this time and is nowhere near its each- time high of$ 524 in January 2018.Monero currently trades for around $183 and has dropped $66 since its peak, dropping it to 49th on the request cap table.


This is not investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money you can afford to lose.